Electrify :
1. impart to (a body) properties, electric charges.
2. animate, lead to action, by producing a vivid, exhilarating impression.


Leader in the automotive leader in the Grand Sud region, SN Diffusion has just inaugurated EVE in Toulouse, the largest showroom in France dedicated to electric mobility.
The aim is to be able to offer each customer, from 14 to 84 years old, a way to move around in a 100% electric vehicle corresponding to their age group, lifestyle and aspirations.

EVE – (Espace Véhicule Électrique), is the first showroom in France to have created a 360° user-oriented offer, so that in a single sales area, users can find all the solutions to make their daily lives easier.

EVE STORE TOULOUSE - Le spécialiste de la mobilité électrique ⚡️
161 Route de Labège, 31400 Toulouse

EVE - Espace Véhicule Electrique - Façade
EVE- Espace-véhicules-électriques-Hall

Spread over 3,000 m2, EVE includes 1,500 m2 dedicated to the sales halls in which each user is projected into a very specific universe, according to his or her personality,his or her daily routine, but also according to seasonality .For this, the teams have set up a distribution method based on projective marketing, intended to integrate mobility into users' lifestyles. The showroom also has a technical area for vehicle maintenance and repair of vehicles, as well as an office space.


A multi-brand and multi-product concept, EVE is able to present almost all the electric or hybrid models on the market. To date, it has the biggest brands from European manufacturers, intented for both general public and premium customers:
Seres, Peugeot e-2008, Nissan Leaf, DS3 CrossBack e-Tense, electric Fiat 500, Seat Leon, Volvo XC90 (hybrid), Porsche Taycan ..., but also a new brand that has just arrived on the French market: Leapmotor.


→ Peugeot e-2008
→ Nissan Leaf
→ DS3 CrossBack e-Tense
→ Fiat 500 électrique
→ Seat Leon
→ Volvo XC90 (hybride)
→ Porsche Taycan
→ Seres
→ Leapmotor
→ ...


The showroom has just integrated the first French corner of the Spanish brand « Silence », the leader in the electric scooter market in Spain. Silence aims to offer a higher quality of life to Europeans, with cities free of noise and pollution.

Silence scooters are equipped with an innovative technology: a detachable battery on wheels that allows any user in a urban environment to recharge their battery at home or place of work.



In addition to offering 2 or 4-wheel vehicles, EVE has been designed to allow the user to leave with his or her recharging solutions. Indeed, a partnership began with Wallbox charging stations (domestic or semi-public use). Wallbox is an international company, whose aim is to change the way energy is used in the electric vehicle industry. 
Wallbox creates intelligent charging systems with innovative technology and an outstanding design, 

which manage the communication between the vehicle, the electrical network, the building and the charger.

Wallbox offers a complete range of charging and energy management solutions for residential, semi-public and public use in more than 80 countries. Founded in 2015 and located in Barcelona, Wallbox employs more than 700 people in Europe, Asia and America.



As the majority of charging stations require a badge or a specific application to access them, SN Diffusion has also established a partnership with ChargeMap, so that the user can leave with a pre-credited 30 euro card to charge in public spaces.

The Chargemap Pass is a payment badge and a universal access solution that allows users to charge their electric vehicle on the majority of European charging networks. With the purchase of a vehicle from EVE, the user can therefore leave with a ChargeMap badge.



In 2023, EVE intends to continue to expand its offer around leading manufacturers in their field, but also to give way to developing brands looking for a place for their know-how.

Eventually, SN Diffusion wants to spread its EVE concept into a network of "EVE-Stores" throughout the Hexagon.

« The EVE-Stores will aim to offer everyone the possibility of switching to electric mobility, whatever their lifestyle, aspirations and budget.
We are positioning ourselves today as ambassadors of electric mobility so that it is no longer an obstacle. ».

Alexis Bodin
Managing Director EVE


SN Diffusion, leader in the automotive industry in the Grand Sud region, has a long history of 33 years of experience in the automotive field.
In 33 years, we have 10 sales outlets in Occitania, more than 110,000 vehicles sold and more than 1,500 vehicles in stock.
At SN Diffusion, « it's the largest choice at the best price ».

New modes of consumption

SN Diffusion could not miss the turn towards hybrid and electric cars.
Didier Sirgue, who is the number one in vehicle sales in the south of France, is a passionate driver and has been a convinced user for a long time.

« I've been driving an electric car for six years now (Fisker Karma, Tesla Model 3 Perf, Porsche Taycan) and I think that for the week and for everyday journeys, there's nothing better, it's great. If you can't just drive electric, for long journeys for example, this type of vehicle is really interesting. An electric car doesn't pollute where it's driven, and for city centres that's quite appreciable. »
Didier Sirgue

At SN Diffusion, we quickly realised that hybrid and electric cars were not just a fad and that customers were increasingly attracted to these types of energy.

In 2020 a new level is crossed.

« For ten years now we have been selling Toyota, Lexus and BMW hybrids on a regular basis. The marketing of these vehicles is completely part of our strategy. »
Didier Sirgue

With the creation of dedicated halls, special areas are reserved for electric mobility identified under the EVE label (electric vehicle area).

The revolution is on
With a first store opened in Toulouse in 2021 :
EVE-STORE (161 Route de Labège, 31400 Toulouse

« Le courant passe bien chez SN Diffusion, définitivement, une entreprise branchée ⚡️ »

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